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Essential (included as standard)
Show shoppers what Klarna payment options are available before they reach the checkout.
Essential (included as standard)
Improve the checkout experience by allowing your shoppers to dispatch items with different release dates.
Essential (included as standard)
Improve your warehouse and stock management by automatically splitting orders for products with different stock locations.
Shared Success Professional
Track inventory and manage orders all in one place with ShipStation.
Shared Success Professional
Specify a maximum order quantity for certain products on your store.
Integrate your Admin to Orderwise via an API.


Extend the capabilities of your eCommerce store with our range of features from multi-channel solutions to ePos & stock control integrations.

B2B & Trade

Designed for online retailers that largely sell to other businesses, our B2B & Trade functionality covers everything from landing log-in screens to trade-specific pricing.


We offer a wide range of checkout functionality designed to streamline the final step of the customer journey on your store.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Drive traffic and attract new customers to your online store via affiliate network integrations, competitions, email marketing, dynamic remarketing and customer referral features.

Customer Journey

Offer the best user experience and streamline the shopping journey to turn visitors into customers. Features range from filters and traffic control systems to colour swatches and 360 degree images.

Customer Service

Offer an impressive customer experience to shoppers via our range of Customer Service features, which cover everything from live chat integrations to event booking systems.

EPOS & Inventory

Synchronise stock levels and product data between your store and your EPOS system, and get stock details direct from suppliers with our range of EPOS & Inventory modules.

International Markets

Increase sales from international customers by enabling shoppers across the globe to browse and buy in their own language, and checkout using their chosen currency.


Boost revenue by selling across multiple marketplaces. Our platform is integrated with major marketplaces so you can conveniently list products and manage all orders via your store's admin system.

Offers & Incentives

Increase conversions and customer loyalty with a range of offers and incentives on your store, designed to attract shoppers, prompt purchases, and encourage repeat visits/orders.

Order Processing

Streamline fulfilment with our order processing and delivery features. Our platform is integrated with major couriers and click and collect solutions so you can offer customers both great choice and service.

Payment Providers

Our platform is integrated with the world's leading payment providers to enable your customers to checkout quickly and securely.

Product Discovery

Enabling customers to quickly and easily find relevant products on your store is a crucial part of the customer journey; here you'll find a range of features focused on improving that experience, including search, navigation and up-selling functionality.

Product Focus

Give your customers a real sense of the look, feel and value of your products with feature-rich product pages.

Site Trust & Security

Establish shopper confidence in your store and its products by offering industry standard security and sharing feedback, testimonials and reviews from your customers.

Store Management

Our extensive 'back office' functionality means you can easily and efficiently run your business online - list products, process orders, publish pages and much, much more.

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