Amazon Integration

Amazon Integration

Quickly and easily list items on Amazon directly from your store, and process all orders in your admin system.

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This integration feature can save an enormous amount of time for those looking to sell via their own online store as well as Amazon Marketplace, which accounted for around 20% of total sales last year for our clients that have this feature. As part of the feature we build a web interface into a store's admin system that enables products to be submitted to Amazon Marketplace, and any orders placed on Amazon are automatically imported into the admin system so it's possible to conveniently manage all orders in one location. When orders are marked as dispatched in the admin system, they're also automatically marked as dispatched on Amazon, and website prices and stock levels are also regularly synchronised between the two platforms.

For online retailers that also utilise Amazon's Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) service, the feature also makes it possible to mark via the admin which products can be delivered directly by Amazon (as per arrangements with Amazon), and ensures that when order details are sent from Amazon to a store, that they're marked as being 'Fulfilled by Amazon' where applicable (please note that you are responsible for managing their FBA stock levels within their Amazon account).

To enable this feature, you will require an Amazon Seller's Account (this feature only includes integration with one UK account - integration with additional countries is available at extra cost). Also, it's only possible to fully test its functionality once it's active on a live site with products.

As part of this feature, you'll also benefit from:

- Expert advice from our Multichannel Growth team, who'll work with you to optimise your listings and grow your multichannel business
- Access to relevant add-on features
- The opportunity to expand internationally when appropriate, with no extra costs
- Ongoing functionality upgrades to this feature, which will aim to increase efficiency and sales