Amazon Re-Pricing

Amazon Re-Pricing

Automatically re-price your products to keep them competitive with other Amazon merchants offering the same items.

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This feature enables etailers with Amazon Integration to easily and automatically re-price their products to keep them competitive with other Amazon traders offering the same items.
Using the feature, it's possible to setup price rules for products you're listing on Amazon, and specify minimum and maximum price thresholds that you're prepared to sell items for, for example:
Price Rule Example 1 - Minimum: -10% / Maximum: +5% of the website price
Price Rule Example 2 - Minimum: -£5 / Maximum: +£3 of the sale price
This means that once you apply the rules to products of your choosing, and those products are listed on Amazon, the functionality can identify (via barcode number) if other Amazon sellers are offering the same items for an equal or lower cost, and automatically reduce the product listing price within the threshold you've set (and on store if required). In addition, if the feature detects that you're offering items much cheaper than other sellers, or you're the only etailer offering certain products, it will increase your prices accordingly.
The feature also includes a pricing feedback admin screen that shows detailed info on your Amazon prices, and comparisons with your competitors.
Please note that manually added prices override price rules, and that you can create multiple price rules but must specify one as a default for all products (selected products can be made exempt from price rules if required). Also, this functionality is only compatible with products listed on Amazon directly via your store's admin system, and it cannot be fully tested until it's active on a live site with products listed on Amazon.
This feature is only available to stores with the commission-based version of our Amazon Integration module.

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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