Deko Integration

Deko Integration

Enable customers to pay for items in instalments via Deko's credit options.

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This feature is the integration of Deko's consumer credit payment options into a store, which enables customers to apply to pay for items in instalments (at varied interest rates depending on the options provided by Deko).
As part of the feature, single-line summaries of available finance options are displayed underneath all products on a store's department pages, and a button linking to further info on credit options is shown on relevant product pages. If a customer chooses to pay via a credit option, the feature prompts them to register with the store, complete checkout, and then directs them to Deko to complete an application for the selected credit payment plan. Orders are shown within a store's admin system with a status of 'Pending Finance from Deko' until the third party approves credit and receives the required deposit payment from the customer, at which point the status is automatically updated to 'Finance Accepted by Deko' and the etailer can then process as usual and will receive payment from Deko (as per their agreement with the third party). If the application is denied, the order status is automatically set to 'Finance Declined by Deko'.
Please note that at present, it is not possible to exclude products with this integration - all items you sell will require a finance option. You're also required to have an active account with Deko to enable this feature, and are responsible for any licence/registration/ongoing fees associated with the service provided by the third party.
This feature is not available on standalone mobile sites, and when being integrated into a new store, this feature remains in test mode until the site is made live.
For more information about Deko please go to:

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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