Google Customer Reviews Integration

Google Customer Reviews Integration

Ask customers to review your store and display your Google Seller Rating on every page.

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This integration enables you to collect feedback and ratings from your customers via the Google Customer Reviews service, directly via your online store.
As part of the integration, your customers will be given the option to complete a Google Customer Review survey from your store's 'checkout success' page once they've placed an order. They can also choose to opt-in to receive an email from Google to review your store at a later date.
Submitted ratings contribute towards your aggregate Google Seller Rating score - between 1 to 5 stars - which will be displayed at the bottom of each page of your store via a Google Customer Reviews badge. If clicked on, the badge will show store visitors an overview of your reviews (including those collected by approved review partners).
Please note that you'll need a Google Merchant Center account to enable this feature, and that the visual appearance and behaviour of the integrated elements are controlled by Google rather than Visualsoft.
This feature is not available on standalone mobile sites.

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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