Identity Verification (Equifax)

Identity Verification (Equifax)

Automatically check the name, date of birth and address of all UK customers that place an order on your store.

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Developed for B2C merchants that predominantly offer age restricted items, this feature enables your admin system to automatically check the name, date of birth and address of all customers that place an order on your store, via the Equifax Identity Verification service.
Each time an order is placed on your store, a customer's details will be sent through to Equifax to confirm that they're on the UK electoral register (based on the given address) and are over 18 - if Equifax is able to verify a customer's identity, this will be highlighted as an identity verification 'pass' on the order, however where details cannot be matched up with Equifax records, the order will show that it failed to pass the check.
Please note that as part of this feature, all of your store's customers must also provide their date of birth as part of the checkout process, unless this information is already stored in their registered customer account.
To enable this functionality, you will require a relevant account with Equifax and are responsible for all ongoing/associated costs.

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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