Product Customisation - Single Page Style

Product Customisation - Single Page Style

Offer customisation options against specific products on your online store.

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This feature enables you to offer customisation options against specific products on your online store, which you can setup directly via your admin system. Customisation options can be set as optional or mandatory, and you can add an additional fixed charge or percentage charge for each option if required (e.g. charge customers an extra £2.50 for each option, or an extra 10% of product base price).
Once created, customisation options will be shown on applicable product pages (excluding multibuy product pages) and customers will be able to specify/select via text fields, radio buttons, or drop down boxes. They will also be able to preview fonts/colours where applicable. If required, certain options will only be displayed when relative options are selected (e.g. if a customer opts to have a number printed on a shirt, they'll then be given an option to indicate which number).
Applicable product pages will also show a breakdown of customisable products in the customer's basket, customisation options they've selected, an itemised breakdown of costs, plus a total price.
Customisation data submitted will be stored within a customer's order, however if your store is integrated with an EPOS system, customisation data will not be sent across as part of the order feed.
Please note that this feature is only available on stores with standard product pages offering one product per page, with swatch or drop-down options, and file uploads are not possible with this module. At present it is not compatible with standalone mobile sites - if this is required, this will incur additional costs.

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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