Product Reviews (Advanced)

Product Reviews (Advanced)

Prompt customers to review your store and its products after they've placed an order.

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This feature prompts and enables site users to review a store's products and service, which can subsequently build consumer confidence, boost conversions, and increase a store's unique content (which offers SEO benefits). If required, the feature can be configured to send automatic emails to customers after a specified time period following their order (e.g. five days after dispatch), which asks them to review purchased products and links directly to a review form within their on-store Customer Account. Site users can then submit reviews and rate specific elements (as specified) such as value for money, quality, ease of use, etc. Alternatively, customers can also review products directly via product pages. Once submitted, reviews are added to a store's admin system so etailers can either publish them onto the relevant product pages or delete if preferred. Please note that the automatic email provided as part of this feature is a basic template only, which can be edited via the admin system.
This feature is not available on standalone mobile sites.

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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