Product Reviews - Trustpilot

Product Reviews - Trustpilot

Enable Trustpilot to collect product reviews from your customers, and display them on your store.

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Trustpilot is Europe's largest and fastest-growing consumer review platform and its services can help online retailers increase sales by collecting and sharing genuine customer feedback with a view to building consumer trust.
As part of this feature, we'll add functionality to automatically send an email to every customer after you dispatch their order, prompting them to write reviews on the products they've purchased.
Product reviews will be collected from Trustpilot on a daily basis, and automatically added to your website's reviews section on relevant product pages.
Please note that you'll need an Enterprise level Trustpilot account to enable this feature and are responsible for associated/ongoing fees.

If you would like help with this feature please ask on the Visualsoft Community site or alternatively contact your Account Manager on 01642 633604

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