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Build consumer confidence and boost conversions by asking customers who have purchased to leave their thoughts with our Advance Product Reviews feature.

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One of the key differences between selling online and traditional retail, is that customers can’t immediately touch or interact with the products they’re interested in - this means that many shoppers rely on the experience and feedback of other shoppers who’ve already purchased items, which is why customer reviews are absolutely essential within eCommerce.

Only a small number of shoppers are likely to leave reviews about your products unprompted, so this feature has been designed to encourage more customers to contribute to your store’s unique content - which can also offer SEO benefits - and build consumer confidence to boost conversions. The feature automatically emails customers a review request after a specified time period following an order, for example five days after dispatch, and the message links to a review form on your store, which customers can view within their customer account. Customers can choose to submit reviews and rate specific elements, which you can specify as part of the feature setup, such as value for money, quality, ease of use, etc.

In addition, customers can choose to review products directly via your product pages if they prefer, without receiving an email request. Whichever method they use, submitted reviews are stored in your admin system so you can review them before publishing onto the relevant product pages across your store. You can also edit the content of the email - which is a basic template only - within your admin system.

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Explore how Visualsoft can help you achieve almost instant credibility, many review solutions are able to provide dynamic widgets that show a snapshot of your average customer rating.

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