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Take advantage of Amazon’s popularity by enabling website visitors the ability to login and pay with their existing Amazon account information.

Released: 30/06/2021

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Tap into millions of Amazon customers with Amazon Pay secure checkout. This feature will give your website visitors the ability to login and pay with their existing Amazon account information.

Amazon Pay is a fast, simple, and trusted way for consumers to make purchases on your store, using payment and address information stored in their Amazon accounts. You’ll own the customer relationship, and no product-level sales data is ever captured or shared with Amazon. Learn more about secure checkout from Amazon Pay here:

Our latest version of Amazon Pay is mobile friendly and supports multi-site and multi-currency. The feature has been rebuilt to offer fast merchant self-onboarding. Find out how multicurrency can help you expand into new geographies, delight customers and streamline financials.

By default for new merchants, payment is captured at point of order creation. For existing merchants, payment will be made as per your current settings (either at point of order or point of dispatch) however this can be changed via the onboarding screen. All Amazon Pay transactions are covered by fraud protection which is provided at no additional cost.

You will also need a relevant merchant account with Amazon, and will be responsible for associated costs/ongoing fees for payments made by customers using Amazon Pay

If you are ready to go ahead and get set up, you can follow our step by step guide to onboarding which can be found here:

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