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Discover how our CMS Page Builder will help your eCommerce website flourish by providing your customers with a wealth of information regarding your products & services.

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Providing customers with a wealth of information about your business and its services can increase consumer confidence by answering any potential questions that shoppers may have, such as what delivery options do you offer or what is your returns process. By outlining how your store operates, you can remove barriers that can prevent customers from purchasing. It can also help to strengthen the SEO of your site, and reduce reliance on your customer support team, which is why every store we build on our eCommerce platform comes with a CMS Page Builder as standard.

The native tool enables you to quickly and easily create, edit and publish CMS pages on your store using a select number of layout options, so you can keep customers informed about your store’s processes and promotions as required, and ensure that your site’s content always stays fresh and up to date.

As part of the build of your online store, Visualsoft will also create a single CMS page template - using a predefined layout - and use the template to set up the following pages for your online business where required;
* About Us
* Contact Us
* Customer Services
* Delivery Information
* FAQs
* Privacy Policy
* Returns Policy
* Size Guide
* Terms & Conditions

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