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Discover our ControQ Traffic Control tool that will allow your store to cope with the peak shopping periods meaning you won’t lose out on potential sales!

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For many retailers, peak shopping periods such as Black Friday and the run up to Christmas generate a significant percentage of annual turnover, however while increased store visits and purchases are obviously beneficial, they can present technical challenges within eCommerce too. Even the world’s largest online retailers can struggle to cope with surges of visitors, so you need a technical infrastructure in place that can best manage peak periods without disappointing high volumes of customers, losing out on sales, and potentially creating long term damage to your brand’s reputation.

One of the most reliable methods to overcome such challenges is an online queuing system, which lets shoppers know that you’re busy, while also assuring each and every customer that they will have an opportunity to shop with your store following a short waiting period.

Keep the till ringing: Mitigate the risk of downtime and keep your site fast. Nobody likes to wait for pages to load, particularly when it’s so easy to navigate to a competitor's site.

Keep customers happy: If you value your reputation you’ll be interested to learn that 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

Stay fast: 8% of online consumers cite slow loading pages as the key reason for abandoning their purchase. A one second delay in page-load can cause a 7% loss in customer conversions.

Save money: Control the ability to service traffic spikes without needing to upgrade your infrastructure on a permanent and costly basis.

To provide this functionality to retailers on our platform, we’ve built an integration with ControQ - a traffic queueing and control system designed to keep your site fast and your visitors happy. It works by limiting the number of active customers on your store - which is a configurable level - during peak periods. When installing this feature, we liaise directly with ControQ to ensure that your queue level is set up correctly in accordance with your store’s server, enabling your site to run smoothly during your busiest periods, and allowing customers access to your store on a fair, efficient and manageable basis.

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