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Check out our ‘Cookies Policy’ feature at Visualsoft. This will allow your business to gain insights into customer behaviour, ultimately shaping better online services.

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In the digital sector, cookies are small bits of data created by a web server while you’re browsing a site, and then placed on your device by your browser. They’re used to track browsing activity and visits, and utilised by almost all sites. You might be familiar with the Cookie Policy Banner that appears when you visit a new site.

Specifically within eCommerce, cookies can help retailers gain insights into customer behaviour, ultimately shaping better online services. They’re also essential to ensure that many features work as intended, including basic store functionality such as retaining selected preferences and basket contents.

As a result of EU privacy legislation designed to protect online users, any business that uses cookies must let visitors know what information is being collected and how it’s being used. You must also give visitors a choice on whether or not they wish to receive cookies - many site owners preface this by explaining that without certain cookies, some site areas will not function correctly.

To enable you to inform your store visitors about your site’s cookies and how it uses them, this feature is the provision of a Cookie Policy banner and page which lists the cookies (including those linked with third party features) used by your store. As part of the feature, a cookie message is also automatically displayed to new visitors which includes a button that users must press to give consent to accept cookies on your site. It also links through to your Cookie Policy page.

The responsibility of compliance with privacy legislation rests with you as a retailer, so if you’re unsure if your store is meeting its legal obligations, we recommend that you consult with a solicitor for legal advice.

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