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Check out our Customer Accounts to enable shoppers to register with your store, create their own customer account and manage their account info.

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To deliver a better experience to your customers, we've restyled the Customer Account area and built in further functionality that aims to improve shopper loyalty and increase repeat orders. You can find further details of the improvements below, or try it out on our demo store at [](

**Please note**: This upgrade is only available to stores with responsive wireframes.

## New Landing Dashboard
This new screen gives customers an instant overview of their account, enabling them to:

* Easily see 'Open' orders
* Restore saved baskets
* View reward points
* Quickly view their default address
* See any outstanding tasks (e.g. account verification required)

## Improved Navigation & UX
We've overhauled the navigation of this area to deliver the following:

* Persistent navigation and visual consistency across all Customer Area pages
* Familiar icons for ease of use
* Even spacing and increased font size for improved visibility
* Clearer 'Calls to Action' to encourage interaction
* Faster routes to the right pages via a dropdown menu in the store header
* An improved layout on mobile devices

## Password Strength Meter
To build user confidence, we've introduced a strength meter for customers creating new accounts or resetting their passwords:

* Intuitive progression bar indicates password strength
* Highlights when passwords are common and/or weak to encourage customers to change them
* States minimum character length required before form submission

## Search / Filter Order History
This new feature enables customers to easily retrieve order information by enabling them to:

* Search all previous and existing orders by either product title or order number
* Filter their order history by a specific date range (e.g. last 30 days, last 6 months, this year)

## Order Cancellation Request
This optional feature enables customers to request the cancellation of an order from within the Customer Area, negating the need to call or email a store directly:

* Requests can only be made on orders in a specific order state, such as 'Processing Order' (specified by the retailer)
* Requests are automatically emailed to retailers
* The status of orders within a store's admin system are automatically updated to 'Cancellation Requested'
* Refunds are not automated - retailers must cancel the order and refund as per their usual process

## Remove Saved Cards Option
Where customers have chosen to save their card details for future purchases (via payment gateway tokenisation - card details are never stored on our platform), we've created a new option to enable them to unlink those cards from their store account if required. Please note that this feature is currently only available on stores that use either SagePay or as a primary payment gateway.

If you'd like the upgraded Customer Account area on your store, please let us know via our [Online Support System]( or contact our Client Success team.

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