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Are you looking to sell your products directly to eBay? Add our eBay Integration feature to easily submit products directly to eBay.

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On average, online retailers on our platform generate over 20% of their total online sales via eBay, which illustrates the power of this integration.

As part of this feature we build a web interface into a store's admin system that makes it possible to easily submit products directly to eBay, and any orders placed on eBay are automatically imported into the admin system so all orders can be conveniently managed in one location. When orders are marked as dispatched in an admin system, they're also automatically marked as dispatched on eBay, and website prices and stock levels are also regularly synchronised between the two platforms. As part of the eBay integration we also provide an eBay Listing Template design (using our standard design) that forms the main description of each product that is listed.

You will require an active eBay selling account to enable this feature, and that new seller accounts may be subject to certain restrictions by eBay until a certain level of feedback, or a certain number of days trading have been reached. For more specific details on these restrictions, please contact eBay directly.

This feature is commission based and includes:
* Integration with UK eBay store
* Integration with international eBay stores (if required)
* The translation tool if required to list to international stores
* eBay Bulk Manager to list, end or revise your listings in bulk
* Grouped listings functionality to enable you to create listings by grouping together different products into one multi-variation listing
* Ongoing functionality upgrades to this feature, which will aim to increase efficiency and sales

This is a commission-based feature which we'll charge for on a monthly basis while the feature is live on your store, for a minimum period of 12 months. You'll be charged either 1.5% commission each month on the gross value (excluding delivery costs) of any successful orders placed as a result of this functionality, or a minimum monthly charge of £20 plus VAT (whichever is greater). The commission rate will be reviewed every 12 months, and commission on cancelled/refunded orders will be credited automatically.

Following the 12 month period, the contract will enter a 30 day rolling contract - the commission rate will be maintained until such time a new agreement is put in place.

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