Autocomplete Search

Autocomplete Search

Automatically suggests stocked products to visitors when they begin to enter a search term into the search tool bar.

Designed to improve user experience and help customers get to the right products as quickly as possible, the Autocomplete Search feature automatically suggests stocked products to a site user when they begin to enter a search term into the search tool bar.

The product suggestions (including image thumbnails) appear in a dropdown menu underneath the search bar and are based on the letters entered. Site users can click any of the suggestions to be taken to the relevant product pages. This useful tool helps shoppers quickly and easily find exactly what they're looking for on store, which can increase conversion rates.

We have focused efforts on how we rank search results to improve relevancy, which means presenting customers with products they're more likely to be looking for.

To help the shopper further, within the main search bar, we've added in a 'typewriter style' search prompt to draw attention to the search function on the Home, Brand and Product Listing pages. You can add and edit the prompt text or choose to hide it completely.

Please note that this feature is not available on standalone mobile sites.