Global-E Checkout Integration

Global-E Checkout Integration

Increase conversion for international customers with welcome messages and currency tailored to the customer's country, using an ip check to determine their location

Global-e is a feature designed to increase conversion for international customers. Currency conversion is done on your VS site according to rules set up on Global-e and passed to us via their API. Welcome messages are tailored to the customer's country using an ip check to determine their location and to set the currency. Depending on the Global-e configuration, certain countries will check out using the Global-e payment gateway which provides local payment options, local tax and duty calculations with prepayment options in multiple languages. Local customers can carry on using your current payment gateway.

If the customer is in the UK, the client's primary gateway will be used. However, if the customer is from another country i.e. Israel, then the Global-e checkout will be used instead.

Please note you will need the enterprise checkout feature to add Global-E to your site.

Adding Global-e for your international customers will limit some functionality such as;
Gift Card Functionality
Uk related stock messages/promos may be hidden
Loyalty point systems

Global-e will talk you through this as part of your set-up prior to go live.