Product Restrictions
Product Restrictions
Product Restrictions
Product Restrictions

Product Restrictions

Create custom restrictions against products to control purchase behaviour.

Our Product Restrictions feature is a great addition if you're looking to place further limitations or rules against some or all of your products. This could be due to rules that you are forced to comply with as a business (e.g. minimum ages or restrictions on sales in specific countries), or rules that you want to put in place yourself (e.g. quantity limits on products).

A real benefit to this feature is that you can create the restrictions yourself within the Visualsoft Admin, so you can be flexible with quick changes within your business.

You are able to apply the following restrictions:

- Minimum purchase age for restricted products
- Maximum quantity total (of products in the restriction that can be purchased)
- Maximum quantity per product
- Applicable number of days worth of orders to consider when setting maximums
- Exclude/Include countries
- Exclude specific postcodes
- Exclude/include specific US States and/or ZIP Codes (cannot be used in conjunction with postcodes)
- Apply additional taxation on the affected products

With all restrictions, you can create a custom warning or error message that will display at the product page or basket so your shopper is always informed of why they cannot complete the purchase or any limitations that are in place.

If you're interested in this feature, please get in touch with your eCommerce Strategist who can discuss whether this is right for you.