Reward Points System - Group Benefits

Reward Points System - Group Benefits

Enable your customers to collect points as they shop to unlock rewards and offers.

This feature enables customers to collect points when they purchase from your store, and potentially unlock rewards based on how many points they've earned.

Via your store's admin system you can:
- Specify how much customers need to spend to earn each point
- Set up reward groups and create benefits for customers in those groups (e.g. free delivery, 10% discount, etc)
- Determine how many points are required to unlock benefits for each group (e.g. 500 for Bronze, 1000 for Silver, 2000 for Gold)
- Create bonus periods, where customers can earn extra points over specified timeframes
- Set expiry periods for earned points

If required, we can also setup the feature to display potential points on product pages and the order summary (e.g. Earn 80 reward points with this purchase).

Please note that you will also need to have our Trade Accounts (Customer Groups) feature for this to work