SMS/Text Messaging
SMS/Text Messaging

SMS/Text Messaging

Send SMS or MMS messages to your subscribers directly through your admin.

Are you looking to increase visitors and sales on your website? If so, our SMS/Text Messaging feature would be a great addition for you.

This feature allows you to use SMS/MMS messages for marketing campaigns to reach your subscribers on the go, and with 90% of messages being read within 3 minutes, this is a fast and efficient way to communicate and promote your products.

Sending text messages in the Visualsoft Admin is simple to do with our SMS Builder and you'll have access to vital performance data on it's very own dashboard.

An SMS Provider account is required for the integration, which by default we would look to use TextLocal, however other providers can be added upon request.

There are some limitations around the use of emojis, file size of MMS etc but this is something we can discuss with you if you're interested in adding this feature to your website.

As text messages have a short character limit (160 characters for a normal message or 70 characters if it's a Unicode message, e.g. for using emojis), we would recommend also considering adding our URL Shortener feature as this can significantly reduce the character length of URLs you may want to add to the message. You can read more about this here.

Please note: You are responsible for all associated/ongoing fees with your SMS Provider.