Split Baskets - Stock Locations

Split Baskets - Stock Locations

Improve your warehouse and stock management by automatically splitting orders for products with different stock locations.

The Split Baskets - Stock Locations feature brings a new dynamic to your order processing to improve the efficiency and organisation of your warehouse/stock management.

This feature works by recognising the warehouse location of the products within an order and automatically splits the order within the Visualsoft Admin. This allows you to assign different statuses to each order and manage them separately.

This can reduce errors within your dispatching team and set your customer's expectations for the products that will be sent in each parcel.

As this feature is designed for internal use for you to manage orders easier, the customer will only pay one relevant shipping charge.

If you're looking to ease your order processing and enhance the user experience, this feature would be a great addition to your website.

Please note: You must have the Stock Allocations feature already installed, with the correct data inputted for this feature to be compatible.

This feature is only available for Responsive Checkouts.