Trustpilot Integration - Store Reviews + Footer Link
Trustpilot Integration - Store Reviews + Footer Link

Trustpilot Integration - Store Reviews + Footer Link

Enable Trustpilot to collect reviews from your customers, and display them on your store.

Trustpilot aims to help online retailers increase sales by collecting and sharing feedback from genuine customers. This feedback can be displayed on your website to build consumer trust and confidence throughout the customer journey.

As the Worlds fastest growing consumer review platform, Trustpilot has seen more than 228,000 businesses reviewed on their platform and over 50 million reviews submitted. As an online retailer, you can benefit from their domain authority which will ensure your reviews are seen in search engines, even if your own domain authority is low. This can help direct traffic to your site. To help ensure reviews are genuine, Trustpilot’s compliance engine software helps them detect and remove fraudulent reviews. Consumers and businesses can also flag reviews if they feel they don’t comply with Trustpilot guidelines.

The store reviews feature allows customers to review how they enjoyed transacting with you as a business, focusing on the service and experience you provided. The widget that will be displayed on your homepage as part of this feature will dynamically display recent snippets from your Trustpilot reviews page. It will also show your current rating and links to your full review page. As an additional benefit to help improve your rating, we will also send an automated email to every customer asking them to leave a review, you simply need to mark the order as dispatched. In addition to the above, we will also add a link in your footer which will display regardless of the page your customer is browsing. This footer link will include the Trustpilot logo, your store's star rating, total number of reviews and a call to action such as ‘review now’. Trustpilot also offers functionality to allow customers to review your products, you can read more about this here

Next Steps

You will need an active Trustpilot account to allow us to integrate this feature for you. Please note, Trustpilot offers three different service tiers. To have the Store Reviews + Footer Link feature enabled, you require as a minimum, an account on the ‘Lite’ service tier. It is important to bear in mind that the plan you have with Trustpilot will impact the widget we can display on your homepage, for example, the Carousel widget is only available from Pro upwards.

Due to our strong relationship with Trustpilot, we can help you attain discounted rates that you will not be given by going to them directly. Please speak to your Account Strategist and ask for an introduction.

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Please note that the provision of additional functionality or exported data for the Trustpilot service will incur an additional charge. The Trustpilot review box is not available on standalone mobile sites. You are responsible for all associated/ongoing fees.