Voice Search

Voice Search

Allow shoppers to use their voice to search for products on your store.

Our Voice Search feature is an innovative way of allowing your customers to use their voice to search for products on your website, enhancing the user experience and allowing you to reach new customers.

Voice Search works by showing as an icon in the search bar of your website and, once clicked, the customer can simply say what products they are looking for. It will then convert the speech to text to produce their relevant results. The flexibility of this feature means that if the customer’s microphone is turned off, they’ll be prompted to change their microphone permissions. In addition to this; if the microphone is turned off in the browser or the browser isn’t compatible, then the icon will not display, avoiding user frustration.

With voice recognition technology such as Alexa and Siri becoming increasingly more popular and part of everyday life, the Voice Search feature ensures your website is progressive and futuristic within e-commerce.

This feature is the perfect addition if you’re looking for new ways to help your customer search your website and browse products. It will also appeal to a variety of visitors from the tech-savvy, to time conscious shoppers, building confidence in your brand. By using your voice to search a website, it can reduce the risk of making spelling mistakes and offers more accurate search results.

This functionality is only available to merchants using our standard search functionality and is only compatible with Chrome browsers on desktop, Android mobiles and Android tablet devices.