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Increase conversion for international customers with welcome messages and currency tailored to the customer's country, using an ip check to determine their location.

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Online retailers looking to expand their business and increase their conversion with cross-border customers are encouraged to offer a more localised experience wherever possible, as the vast majority of shoppers feel more comfortable shopping in their own language and will opt to pay in their local currency where available.

To enable you to successfully reach new global markets, at Visualsoft we offer multi-language storefronts as well as multi-currency features, and in addition, our eCommerce platform is integrated with Global-e. The payment provider supports over 25 languages and 100 currencies, and partners with hundreds of global brands and retailers across the United States, Europe and Asia to make selling internationally as simple as selling domestically.

With this feature we integrate your store with the Global-e payment gateway and depending on your account setup with the provider and the location of customers - which is noted via IP detection - this enables specific shoppers to see localised messaging and checkout using Global-e’s local payment options, local tax and duty calculations with prepayment options in multiple languages.

The Global-e payment options will only be displayed to relevant international customers, and all other shoppers - including those based in the UK - will pay for orders via your store’s primary payment gateway or alternative payment options.

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