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Add our Klarna Checkout Integration feature to your store. Klarna Checkout is one of the simplest and fastest ways for customers to buy online to help boost conversion of all platforms.

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This feature is the integration of the Klarna Checkout payment option into a store as its primary payment gateway. Klarna Checkout is one of the simplest and fastest ways for customers to buy online - to help boost conversion on all platforms, Klarna gives customers the option to pay later which means at point of purchase they don't need to input card/bank details. Registration, login and passwords are also not required.

## Offline Orders - Moto
Offline order functionality (moto) is available with this feature, however Klarna will send 3DS requests to the user and it is unlikely the user will want to share their details over the phone. There are some workarounds to this issue;

1 - Klarna Merchant Seller App.
This app allows the telephone agent to create the order and send a link to the customer. No 3DS request will be sent. Whilst this does not link up with stock directly in the VS Admin, the orders created within the merchant seller app can be manually exported and imported into Visualsoft. This will allow for updates to stock, but may lead to oversells if too long is left between imports of orders. Klarna is working on an updated version of the seller app which will have the ability to integrate directly into other systems via an API however there are no time frames on this.

2 - Alternative payment gateway for offline orders.
Whilst you can only have one primary payment gateway on the front end of your website, it is possible to use Klarna for web-only orders and an alternative payment gateway (Barclaycard, Sagepay, Checkout, Ingenico, World Pay, PayPal Pro, Secure Trading) for your offline orders. This will ensure your stock is up to date, but it will mean that you will need two payment gateways in place. Therefore you will need to pay two companies for the service they provide. If you want to go down this route, please ensure we are aware at the point of integration. If you are moving to a new payment gateway that you have not previously integrated with, we will need to charge for this. There will be no charge if you continue to use the payment gateway you currently have integrated.

## B2B
Klarna does not offer their Pay Later, Slice It In 3 or Klarna credit payment methods to B2B customers. Card payments can only be used. This presents the merchant with two options;

1 - Only accept card payments on the site to stop B2B customers trying to check out with methods they can't use. This will also mean however that standard retail customers lose the ability to chose Pay Later, Slice It In 3 or Finance.

2 - Keep all payment methods active, aware that B2B customers won't be able to complete an order with anything other than a card payment.

We are very proud to work with the best Payment Gateway providers in the industry. By partnering with Klarna we are able to offer an initial integration to this provider for free to help you get set-up and start selling online. If you already have a payment gateway integrated with Visualsoft and you are looking to switch to Klarna, there will be a cost of £200 + VAT to cover the cost of the time required to integrate this solution onto your site. Your store can only be integrated with one primary payment gateway at any time.

To enable this feature, you need a relevant account with Klarna and are responsible for all ongoing/associated fees.

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