Klarna On-Site Messaging (OSM)

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Show shoppers what Klarna payment options are available before they reach the checkout as customer's will not know of all the methods such as Pay Later and Slice it in 3.

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## Klarna On-Site Messaging (OSM)

This integration allows merchants using Klarna’s Payment Gateway to benefit from their On-Site Messaging.

With Klarna, merchants can offer various payment methods such as Pay Later and Slice it in 3 but the customer won’t always be aware of the benefits of this until they reach the checkout.

On-Site Messaging is the use of dynamic messaging on the product page to help drive conversion, allowing the customer to see what payment options are available before they reach the checkout.

### Example messaging

Pay Later - This messaging can help a customer realise that they can order today and not have to pay for 14/30 days (depending on merchant setup).

Slice It In 3 - Show your customer what their monthly payment will be. For example, if an item is £300, it will show ‘Pay in 3 instalments of £100. No fees’.

Klarna will display the message that they believe will convert the best.

The On-Site Messaging will only display the payment methods you offer on your account. If you don’t offer Slice it in 3, the messaging will not show this as an option.

It is also possible to customise the messaging.

## Next Steps

In order to have OSM integrated, we need you to provide us with the unique code provided on the Klarna Merchant Portal.

Please select ‘on-site messaging’ and confirm the account you want to use OSM with. You will need to agree to the Klarna T&C’s before we can proceed.

From this stage, please provide the first snippet of code from the installation page.

You will then need to select the ‘placements’ tab and then provide us with the placement code you want us to use. This will generally be option 2 or 3 on the page when you scroll down and looks like;

-- Placement v1 --


data-id="unique code per merchant, please provide"


-- end Placement --

Copy and paste this and provide to us in the [Visualsoft ticket](https://support.visualsoft.co.uk/).

This feature is incompatible with the following feature(s):

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