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Manage inventory, orders, listings, shipping and more from one centralised location with our Linnworks Integration feature.

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Linnworks helps online retailers sell better and more efficiently.

As an Order and Inventory Management System, Linnworks automates the entire online selling process, providing retailers with the tools and support to scale their business across multiple marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

With the ability to manage inventory, orders, listings, shipping and more from one centralised location, users can eliminate the occurrence of human error such as overselling, reduce costs and save time, giving them more freedom in both their business and life.

Trusted by over 4,000 online sellers, Linnworks can specifically support:

* Channel integration wizard
* Shipping mapping (if provided)
* Payment method mapping (if provided)
* Inventory mapping
* Order download
* Order despatch
* Inventory level updates
* Price updates

### Next Steps
This integration is provided by Linnworks. They will assist you with set-up and support once live.

In order to proceed, you will need the ‘VS3 Data Integration (web service) feature. Once this is live, Linnworks will need the following information, which Visualsoft will provide you with;

Website URL
Auth Credential Client ID
Auth Credentials Password
Auth Credentials Username

You can then go on the Linnworks store and select the Visualsoft Integration to get set-up. As this is a third party integration, Linnworks will work with you on the set-up and provide support for any issues.

As we have a partnership with Linnworks, we would be delighted to introduce you to the team. If you would like to speak to Linnworks to learn more about their solution, please speak to your Account Strategist at Visualsoft who can make the introduction for you.

This feature requires the following feature(s):

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