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Are you looking to start a newsletter for your audience? Our Newsletter System enables retailers to create, preview and send basic-layout newsletters to subscribers directly.

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In today’s digital sector, there’s a wider array of marketing methods to choose from than ever before, however email marketing remains to be one of the most successful channels to help boost your business as it consistently performs well. With over 4 billion people actively using email across the world, email marketing has an incredible potential reach and accounts for billions in revenue for online retailers each and every year. According to the DMA Marketer Email Tracker 2019, it’s also rated as the key strategic channel by the vast majority of marketers as it often generates one of the highest returns on investment.

Our eCommerce platform includes a native Newsletter System as standard that you can use to create, preview, and send basic-layout newsletters to your marketing subscribers directly from your store's admin system. Using the feature you can also view related data for each of your successfully distributed newsletters, including the number of recipients, the date of send, send progress, and the percentage of your subscribers that have read each newsletter that you’ve sent out.

If you require additional functionality, such as the option to add dynamic products to newsletters, please take a look at our Advanced Newsletter System.

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