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Check out our Part Shipping/Split Order feature to allow customers to split their basket into multiple orders if items need to be processed separately e.g some items out of stock.

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Our award-winning eCommerce platform includes hundreds of storefront features that have been specifically designed to help you attract and retain customers, boost your conversion rate, and ultimately help your business grow online. In addition, we’ve also developed a wide range of back office management functionality that aims to improve the operational efficiency of your business, freeing you up to spend more time focusing on how to take your online store to the next level.

Many of these features are included as standard on your store’s admin system, including Order Splitting. With this feature, you have the option to split any unfulfilled orders - providing they contain more than one item - into multiple orders, so that you can process each of the orders separately where needed. This functionality can be particularly useful if an item within an order is currently unavailable or needs to be sent directly by your supplier, as it enables you to dispatch items separately to the customer and update the order statuses accordingly.

Please note that Order Splitting functionality is not compatible with all EPOS setups, so before it’s added to your online store we’ll need to check and confirm suitability based on your EPOS schema where applicable.

This feature is incompatible with the following feature(s):

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