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Customers want to pay for their products/services in many options so enable them to order your items and to have the option to pay by either Cheque/BACS feature.

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Different types of customers have varied priorities when shopping online, especially when it comes to payment methods. While some shoppers can be persuaded to make a purchase if offered the option to pay for goods in installments, others will simply opt for the fastest payment method that requires the least amount of data input. For B2B stores, there are also many business customers that still prefer to pay for goods via a cheque - millions are processed each and every year in the UK - rather than use a credit or debit card, and some prefer the convenience of a simple bank transfer. With our Pay by Cheque/BACS feature, you can offer both methods of payment on your store, in addition to card payments via your primary payment gateway.

When selected by shoppers during the checkout process, this additional payment option provides customers with the details they need to carry out a bank transfer or send a cheque to pay for their order, and once you’ve received payment you can process applicable orders following your usual process.

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