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Check out our PDF Packing Note that enables retailers to print a packing sheet per order, which can be dispatched to the customer with the items.

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Most retailers already know that efficient and accurate order fulfillment is one of the most crucial elements to get right when selling online, because if customers don’t receive the exact items that they’ve purchased from your store, they’ll not only request a refund or replacement, they’re also unlikely to ever order from your business again. Dissatisfied shoppers are also much more inclined to leave negative reviews about your store and its service, which can strongly discourage other shoppers from making purchases from you too.

There are lots of ways that you can perfect your order fulfillment process, including the addition of packing slips to your orders. This simple method can help you to quickly see at a glance what should be included within an order, so you can ensure a parcel contains everything it needs to before sealing it up and sending it out to the customer.

With this feature you can easily generate PDFs of packing slips for orders via your store’s admin system, which include a summary of all items within an order without invoice or pricing information. You can then print out the PDFs and use them as a packing guide, before shipping them along within your customers’ orders.

This feature is included in the following pack(s):

  • Advanced Order Processing
    Available on Optimum Platform Build, Optimum Platform Grow, Optimum Platform Scale, Optimum Platform Premium, Optimum Platform Build+, Optimum Platform Grow+, Optimum Platform Scale+, Optimum Platform Premium+, Optimum Platform Enterprise and Optimum Platform Enterprise+

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