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Check out our Product Restrictions feature if you’re looking to place further limitations against some or all of your products.

Released: 02/06/2020

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As an online retailer, one of your main objectives is to encourage as many customers as possible to make purchases from your store, however as an experienced eCommerce provider we understand that there may be instances where you need to set restrictions against certain products. Whether this is due to rules that must comply with as a business, such as minimum ages or restrictions on sales in specific countries, or rules that you want to put in place yourself, we can help you achieve your aims via our Product Restrictions feature.

With this powerful feature, you can add limitations or rules against some or all of your products via your store’s admin system. Restrictions you can apply include a minimum purchase age for restricted products, a maximum quantity total of restricted products that can be purchased), and a maximum quantity per product. You can also exclude customers that live with certain countries, US states, or UK postcode areas from purchasing specific products, and you can apply additional taxation on the affected products.

With all restrictions, you can create a custom warning or error message that will display at the product page or basket so shoppers are made aware of limitations where applicable.

This feature is included in the following pack(s):

  • Advanced Customer Experience
    Available on Optimum Platform Build, Optimum Platform Grow, Optimum Platform Scale, Optimum Platform Premium, Optimum Platform Build+, Optimum Platform Grow+, Optimum Platform Scale+, Optimum Platform Premium+, Optimum Platform Enterprise and Optimum Platform Enterprise+

This feature is incompatible with the following feature(s):

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