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Automatically send, collect and display customer feedback with Visualsoft’s Product Reviews feature.

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Customer reviews are an incredibly powerful tool for online retailers, and recent research from - a leading product reviews solution - shows that having reviews on your product pages can increase conversion by an impressive 18%, creating a sharp increase in sales for retailers looking to grow online and delivering excellent return on investment. This is where Product Reviews can come in handy.

Our eCommerce platform is connected with many trusted third parties that can help you to leverage feedback from your customers, including, which has over a decade of industry experience and is consistently voted the number one product review solution on G2 - the world’s largest tech marketplace.

With Product Reviews feature, copies of your store’s order confirmation emails are automatically sent to, enabling the service provider to directly email your customers after they’ve received their order to request that they review their purchase. Once reviews are collected and approved via, they’re also dynamically displayed on your store’s relevant product pages, which not only creates more content for your site to strengthen its SEO, but also helps to persuade new customers to make a purchase on your store by building trust in your brand and providing valuable and genuine insights into your products.

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