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Display countdown timers on selected promo images to highlight upcoming launches, events, sales, etc.

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Building anticipation for upcoming launches and events, such as seasonal sales or the release of new and exciting brands or collections, is a great way to engage customers and encourage them to return to your store at a later date.

With this feature, which is exclusively available on stores with Promotion Timers, a countdown timer can be overlaid onto selected promo banners on your store, to let shoppers know when you're launching new sales, offers, or product ranges and brands. The fixed-style timer shows the number of remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds until the specified event, which you can set up via your admin system. After launch times, the countdown promo banners are automatically replaced with an alternative banner where provided.

Alternatively, you can use the timers to let shoppers know when an event - such as a special offer or sale - is going to end, creating a sense of urgency which can persuade them to buy now rather than miss out later.

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