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Manage your stock suppliers in one central system.

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Every online store powered by our platform is managed by its own admin system, and to save you time and resources, we’ve enriched the system with a wide number of features such as our Supplier & Purchase Order Management system.

With this feature, you can manage your online store’s suppliers via one central system, and reduce time spent on re-ordering stock. It enables you to create, edit and manage a list of suppliers - including their contact details - within your store's admin system, and generate purchase orders for each supplier as required. Using the feature, it's also possible to assign products to each supplier and generate purchase orders (with unique reference numbers) for each supplier, which can be used to re-order products they're associated with via your admin system. You can also choose to send purchase orders directly from your admin system to suppliers, or download to send via an alternative method if preferred.

In addition, the feature makes it possible to enter the number of items received on each purchase order, which automatically updates relevant stock totals. On request, we can also enable the feature to automatically create a purchase order for a supplier - or add to an existing, unsent purchase order - when an order is placed for an item that's out of stock.

This feature is included in the following pack(s):

  • ERP & WMS Connect
    Available on Optimum Platform Grow, Optimum Platform Scale, Optimum Platform Premium, Optimum Platform Grow+, Optimum Platform Scale+, Optimum Platform Premium+, Optimum Platform Enterprise and Optimum Platform Enterprise+

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