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Make managing your customers easier with our Customer Groups feature as you will be able to create groups, add customers to them and apply a wide range of filters.

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Segmenting your customers enables you to more easily offer varied prices, products and offers directly to different groups. It can also allow you to categorise customers into trade groups where relevant, thereby creating trade accounts accessible by any customers that are included within the groups.

With this feature, you can create groups, add customers to them, and via your store’s admin system you can choose to apply any of the below actions to each group:

Assign an Account Manager to each customer group which can be managed through a separate admin screen
Assign an account/customer reference number to each customer
Allow customers to view all products on store (default setting) or limit their product view to only include items they have discounts applied to
Set products so they can be viewed by all site visitors, or only viewed by logged-in members of a customer group
Assign specific payment options to each customer group (credit card, credit account, etc)
Set budget/credit limits per customer group, as well as set individual limits per customers
Attach a relevant company logo to each customer group which will be displayed to customers when they log into their account
Apply trade discounts at product, brand or department level (both percentage or fixed amount discounts can be applied)
Apply fixed price lists for specific products to groups of customers
Assign a specific shipping courier to each customer group

If you require any additional functionality for trade accounts that isn’t detailed here, please contact us to discuss bespoke development options.

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