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Add our Trade Doubler Integration feature that will create a product feed that regularly sends information about your store’s in-stock items to the Trade Doubler.

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The affiliate marketing sector is growing year on year, and as a performance-based channel it’s one of the lowest risk marketing methods in the digital sector. By leveraging the customer reach and promotional power of tried and tested publishers, it can also deliver high returns to online retailers, making it an important part of marketing strategies for businesses that are looking to scale up.

To enable the retailers we work with to take advantage of the growth opportunity that affiliate marketing can offer, our eCommerce platform is connected with our own world class affiliate network, however if you’d prefer to receive services from an alternative provider, it’s also integrated with a number of third parties too, including Trade Doubler. The global affiliate marketing network has over 20 years’ expertise in digital marketing innovation, and works with over 2,000 advertisers and 180,000 active publishers.

With this feature, a product feed of your in-stock items is regularly sent from your live store to Trade Doubler to enable the third party to use the data as part of your affiliate program. In addition, Trade Doubler tracking code is added to your store to enable the provider to identify sales that will incur commission.

This feature is included in the following pack(s):

  • Affiliate Network Integration
    Available on Optimum Platform Grow, Optimum Platform Scale, Optimum Platform Premium, Optimum Platform Grow+, Optimum Platform Scale+, Optimum Platform Premium+, Optimum Platform Enterprise and Optimum Platform Enterprise+

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