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Released: 01/06/2023

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VS Verify is an age-verification solution that is fully integrated into the Visualsoft platform and into the merchants checkout process.

If a customer purchases an age-restricted product, VS Verify will automatically detect if that customer has already had their age verified. If not, the service will first perform a stealth check based on any available information e.g. mobile phone number. If this is not successful the customer will receive prompts on your site and by email to verify their age through a choice of convenient age assurance methods defaulting to an easy face-recognition step. From the Visualsoft administration panel merchants can fully control what products in their catalogue need a verification step to purchase. You can also monitor the status of verification requests.

Benefits of having/using VS Verify

Easy onboarding within the Visualsoft platform
Easy configuration of product settings
Light-touch for end-users - verify once and VS Verify remembers. Users only have to fill in additional fields if the face recognition check fails
High rate of approval so that additional checks or blocked sales are kept to a minimum
Ensure legal compliance (especially in the vaping industry)
Track customer verification checks in the Visualsoft admin panel
VS Verify leverages a PAS certified, TrustPilot ‘Excellent’ rated solution as part of this feature.

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