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Check out our Wordpress Homepage News feature This feature is the integration of a ‘Latest News’ box into your store’s homepage that will show snippets of recent blogs.

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High quality content can help you to engage shoppers, convert customers, and boost your store’s page rankings within search engine results. In an increasingly competitive eCommerce market, creative content can also ensure that you stand out from other online brands that offer similar products to your business, which is why a well-crafted content strategy underpins most successful marketing campaigns.

One of the simplest ways to create and share valuable content is via an online blog, which can enable you to publish anything from educational posts that provide insights to establish your brand as an industry expert, to light-hearted list articles that can capture the attention of potential customers.

Our eCommerce platform is connected with WordPress, the world’s largest content management system, which enables you to publish a blog and display its content directly on your online store. To ensure that your shoppers are made aware of your posts, we also offer a WordPress Homepage News feature. With this feature, a Latest News widget is added to your store’s homepage that includes snippets of your three most recent blog posts. Displayed beneath the page fold, the widget also links directly to the relevant blog entries enabling shoppers to easily view further content

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Customer Acquisition & Retention

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