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Import a daily stock feed and weekly product feed, from files sent by Zyro to a dedicated email account with our Zyro Product Import integration.

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Product imports from your suppliers are a simple way to ensure that you’re offering the most current ranges to your customers, so to streamline that process we can provide an automated import from Zyro.

With this feature, we gather files sent by Zyro to a dedicated email account and import a weekly product feed into your store’s admin system which includes SKU, style codes, names, UPCs, SRPs, colours, sizes, VAT codes, stock indicators, stock due in dates, brief descriptions, long descriptions, brand, and image URLs. All new products are imported into an ‘awaiting authorisation’ state with images where available, so you can check and publish them onto your store, however please note that once imported, the data isn’t synchronised with the exception of availability dates where applicable.

We also import a daily stock feed that includes an 'StockIndicator' flag with in stock and out of stock values, which we use to set the product availability for your online store. We can also incorporate the stock due dates from the product feed into stock messages shown on your store.

This feature is included in the following pack(s):

  • ERP & WMS Connect
    Available on Optimum Platform Grow, Optimum Platform Scale, Optimum Platform Premium, Optimum Platform Grow+, Optimum Platform Scale+, Optimum Platform Premium+, Optimum Platform Enterprise and Optimum Platform Enterprise+

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