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Are you looking for a carrier service to help scale your business? Offer a comprehensive range of delivery options to your customers via GFS.

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Passionate about delivery, GFS offers a carrier service that can help merchants scale their business to the next level.

As the pioneer of Enterprise Carrier Management (ECM), GFS has been behind the success of some of the fastest growing brands for over 16 years, providing unique and affordable shipping solutions that optimise delivery from checkout to doorstep.
Managing over 30 million parcels a year, their history and presence make them the trusted partner of hundreds of online retailers, and their continual innovation ensures they anticipate the needs of their customers and stay at the forefront of the industry.

GFS’ advanced ECM system offers eCommerce and B2B shippers a unique combination of shipping, technology and logistics to deliver complete end-to-end delivery management at competitive prices.
As a top consolidator of carrier services, their long-standing partnerships with leading UK and international carriers enable them to offer a wide range of delivery options, including next day, timed delivery slots and Click & Collect.

Their smart shipping technology optimises despatch to remove complexity and enable manageable tracking and analytics, while their nationwide depots and vehicle fleet are on hand every step of the way.
All of this is underpinned by their dedicated support teams including their pro-active parcel trackers, who continuously monitor shipments to alleviate parcel problems before they affect the end consumer.

GFS work with Merchants who currently send out around 50 parcels daily. Merchants usually reach out to GFS when they are looking to work with multiple carriers, speed up shipping label production and reduce data entry errors.
GFS can help get you access to a wider range of carriers, sometimes at a preferential rate due to their partnerships. Examples of their partners include DPD, Royal Mail, DHL and Hermes. A fuller list can be seen [here](

This integration gives you the ability to display a selection of applicable courier choice based on the customers delivery address at checkout. The options will be displayed within an accordion style display and will include pricing, delivery date info, a calendar date picker for day-specific courier options, and a map for click and collect services where applicable. For you as a merchant, this means you can offer a wide range of delivery options from the UK`s leading carriers including International, Timed and Parcelshop deliveries on a platform that offers access to over 60,000 click and collect locations in the UK and Europe. For the customer this means that they can choose not only when their delivery will arrive, but also the service most convenient and most cost-effective for their needs in a seamless fashion.

You may also be interested in their labelling solution, search for GFS Shipping Solution in search bar.

In addition to the label service, GFS also offers the ability to track and trace your parcels through a securely encrypted website. This functionality allows you to track all parcels, regardless of the carrier, meaning you don't need to use multiple portals to understand where your different parcels are.

### Next steps

GFS is passionate about working with their merchants, so they will take an interest in your current processes, any pains you are experiencing and any growth plans you have that you may not have been able to act upon yet. Due to this approach, we advise that you speak to the team at GFS first to have an initial discussion to allow them to advise what functionality you require. We have a very strong partnership with GFS, so if you are looking to discuss their functionality, please ask your Strategist to introduce you directly and you will be contacted by an expert at GFS who fully understands the Visualsoft integrations.
If you do sign up to work with GFS, they will provide you with an API key which we will need to proceed with the integration.
Please note that you need a relevant account with GFS to enable functionality, and are responsible for all associated/ongoing fees. Your store must also have the Enterprise Checkout module.

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